Welcome to Upleadon

We hope you enjoy using this web site.  This site is for the benefit and use of the people of Upleadon and the surrounding area. There are no charges for any inclusions on the site. If you feel you have something that may be useful or of helpful to the people of  Upleadon please let us know. Also if you have any suggestions or comments on how we might improve this then please let us know.

This site has many sections and if we feel there is better and/or more information about the subject on another dedicated web site then we have given only brief details and then a link to that site. By linking to the specialist site also means that any changes that are made to that site are automatically reflected via the Upleadon site.

At the bottom of each page there is a ” Leave a Reply ” section to allow you to comment on the page. If you have any ideas or suggestions then this is the place to make your comments. If you spot any errors or think something should be included please write it in the box provided.


Weeping Ash at sunrise

Weeping Ash at sunrise

8 Responses to Welcome to Upleadon

  1. Roger Tutt says:

    Impressed with your site.
    Oxenhall Parish Hall Trust (registered charity) is interested in doing something similar for Oxenhall.
    As Acting Secretary of the Trust, I’d welcome a chat with someone who can tell me how you designed and established your particular site, and now maintain it, at what cost etc etc.
    Many thanks.

    Roger Tutt 01989 720574 or email and I’ll contact you

  2. Ross Stewart says:

    The website was created using WordPress software. The software is free and is downloaded from the web. You have to create and edit the site yourself but it is not too difficult once you have used it a few times. I will e mail you with more information so that you can create a site for Oxenhall.

  3. dave aldridge says:

    Hi. Have had an interesting time looking at this site as i spent much of my young life in Upleadon before migrating here to Australia in 1970. Brought back a few memories. Well done.

  4. Les Gray says:

    Ross, in case it’s helpful to others, anyone can get a free wordpress site hosted at http://www.wordpress.com.

    There are very little restrictions over what you can do there vs hosting your own.

  5. John Bradshaw says:

    I like this site and understand from Neil it is pretty easy to set up. Hoping to have a bash ourselves for a new idea I have. Anything that we should know about beforehand?

  6. Ross Stewart says:

    Hi John,

    I set this up using WordPress. Not too difficult. Its free to download on the Web


  7. Sue Friston says:

    One of the friendly new recent arrivals in the village put me on to this site. Excellent job and grand idea. Thank you. Hope you get lots more contributions.

  8. Hazel parsons says:

    Upleadon now has it’s own mini library , the old phone box has been transformed into a book box , great idea Becky .

    Lots of great books to choose from

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