Village Info

Here you will find information useful to you if you have just move to the Village, or if you need a good reference point. Any green text below is a hyperlink and it will take you to additional information.

Refuse Collection. We have 5 different bins for our waste items. They are a grey wheelie bin for normal domestic rubbish, green wheelie bin for garden waste (a surcharge applies), a blue woven bag for cardboard and paper, a green box for glass and a green box for plastics and tins (more info here). More information may be found on the Forest of Dean Bins and Recycling page.

Upleadon is served by 2 bus routes – the 679 that runs between Newent and Ledbury and the 693 that runs between Newent and Highleadon.

The Parish Council have their own website where minutes of meetings may be found as well as other information.

Broadband/Internet connectivity. Our nearest telephone exchange is Newent (01531), though some households are on the Staunton Court exchange (01452). Neither exchange is very close and typical broadband speeds via the phone line are 0-2Mbps (download speed). A brand new service is currently being rolled out by Gigaclear who can offer a variety of packages connected via fibre optic cable with speeds of up to 900Mbps. More information may be found on the Village Hall amenities page. Some homes are served by a relatively new service providing average speeds of 24Mbps by Voneus, which is a wireless service but in order to use it, you need to be within line of sight to one of their repeaters. Another option, similar to Voneus, is provided by a local business called Loop Scorpio offering speeds up to 12Mbps, but again, you need to be within line of sight of one of their repeaters. There are also other options such as using a data SIM from a mobile phone provider or satellite internet connectivity.