Minutes of a meeting of Upleadon Parish Council held on Thursday 10 December 2015 at Upleadon Village Hall at 7.30 pm.
Present: Cllr M Manning (Chairman), Cllr Mrs A Bassett, Cllr H Dunn, Cllr D Leighton,
Apologies: Cllr Mrs A Woolfrey (sickness)
Also present: District Cllr P Burford
3.0 ​ Approval of Minutes of Council meeting – 3 September 2015
Cllr Manning proposed approval of the minutes of the Council meeting of 3 September 2015 which was unanimously agreed.
2.1 ​Matters Arising

1. P.4 Meeting with Richard Waters, Gloucestershire Highways
Cllr Manning reported that the stones had been removed from the verge at Rookery Nook.
2. P.4 Speeding traffic in Forge Lane
The Clerk advised that she had written to PC Mortimer and had since met him where she had raised the matter of speeding traffic in Forge Lane. He had advised that he would undertake monitoring of the area.
3. P.6 Lack of Broadband coverage in Upleadon
The Clerk advised that Mr Molyneux FoDDC had responded to the Council’s concern regarding the lack of broadband coverage in the area. He advised that the District Council played an important part in ensuring the Forest of Dean was one of the first four SuperFast broadband pilot projects. This pilot was the start of the Fastershire project aimed at delivering faster broadband to Herefordshire and Gloucestershire. This project is scheduled for completion by the end of the year. Advise to visit the Fastershire web site www.fastershire.com where one can find the latest information about the project rollout. They are aware at the end of the project there will still be a number of areas that won’t have the full benefits of the upgrades and they will be working with the LEP to identify these areas and work to find a way of delivering faster broadband to these hard to reach areas.
Mr Molyneux advised that on looking at the Fastershire web site there are still a few cabinets within the area that includes Upleadon that are due for completing before the end of the year. Suggest the Council checks the Parish in the New Year and inform them of any areas that haven’t been covered by the project so that they can ensure they are part of their ongoing discussions with the LEP.
2.2 ​Finance & Sundry Payments

Payment to be considered: Royal British Legion Poppy Flag (cost of manufacture £17.00)

It was unanimously agreed to pay £40.00 for the wreath including a donation of £23.00.

2.3 ​Correspondence

3.3.1​Glos County Council – Glos Draft Local Transport Plan (2015-2031) Consultation

Members were advised of the consultation on the Glos Draft Local Transport Plan which ran from 20 November 2015 to 5 February 2016. Online questionnaires available for completion and paper copies of the Plan available in Gloucestershire Libraries and local District Council buildings.

4.0 ​Business

4.1 ​Planning applications –
1. DF/TPO85/11/11/2015 P1736/15/TP0 Mr J Atkinson The Firs, Forge Lane
Upleadon Newent – Removal of epicomic growth from x3 Oak trees covered by T1, T2 and T3 of TPO85 and removal of x1 lower branch from T2 of TPO85 which overhangs the garden of Bramblegarth

Comment: No Objection

2. DF296/DF8500 P0109/15/Discon Mr C Hester, Haylands End, Golden Valley, Upleadon
Discharge of conditions (05) lighting, (06) materials and (07) construction method statement relating to planning permission P1263/13/FUL for replacement stabled and
indoor arena for equestrian use.

Comment: No Objection

​Planning application received in between meetings:-

​P1075/15/FuL Greenways, Gloucester Road, Upleadon
​Two storey side extension, rear dormer, single storey extension, demolition of conservatory

​Comment: No Objection

4.1.2 Sale of Council noticeboard

The Clerk advised that Newent Town Council had agreed to purchase the noticeboard at the asking price of £250.00.

4.1.3​To give consideration of setting of Precept 2016/17

The Clerk advised Members on income and expenditure to date and the expected balance at the end of the financial year following further anticipated expenditure, together with expected expenditure next year. Cllr Manning proposed a precept figure be requested from the District Council in the sum of £2000. This was unanimously agreed.

4.1.4 ​ Highway matters

It was agreed to report to Highways the dilapidated fencing on the edge of the highway just beyond Upleadon Church. The fencing was non-existent in places and given the steep drop immediately adjacent, it was considered a safety matter.

4.1.5 ​ Date of next meeting and date of Annual Parish Assembly

It was agreed that the date of the next meeting would be Thursday 3rd March 2016 and the Annual Parish meeting would be on Thursday 7th April 2016.

4.1.6 ​Any Other Business which in the opinion of the Chairman/Clerk is considered urgent

Cllr Manning referred to a letter he had received from the Village Hall Management Committee requesting written confirmation that they would have access to the Council noticeboard. It was reaffirmed that the Village Hall Management Committee could have access to the noticeboard, however it was stipulated that notices deposited should relate only to the Village Hall and any other material should be posted on the noticeboard within the telephone box on the Cross.

Further correspondence from the Village Hall Management Committee related to the responsibility of a dead tree on the verge outside the Hall – this was thought to be that of the Highway Authority, and also a request to the Council to consider the making of an annual grant towards the cost of maintaining the verge – although technically not their property, the cost of which is in the region of £140.00.

It was agreed that the request for funding towards the verge maintenance would be discussed at the next meeting.

4.1.7​This concluded the business of the meeting and it was declared closed at 8.20 pm.

​NB. Minutes are in draft form until approved at the next Council meeting.