Minutes of a meeting of Upleadon Parish Council held on 3rd September 2015 at Upleadon Village Hall at 7.30 pm.
Present: Cllr M Manning (Chairman), Cllr Mrs A Bassett, Cllr Mrs A Woolfrey, Cllr H Dunn, Cllr D Leighton,
Also present: District Cllr P Burford
Apologies: Cllr E Wood, Cllr P Dallow
2.0​To give approval to minutes of Council meeting – 21 May 2015
Cllr Manning proposed approval of the minutes of the Council meeting of 21 May which was unanimously agreed.
2.1​Matters Arising
​P. 2 Meeting with Richard Waters, Stakeholder Manager, Gloucestershire Highways
Cllr Manning reported that unfortunately Mr Waters had visited the area on an unscheduled date and that he had had a prior engagement and was unable to meet with him. Cllr Manning advised that he had been contacted regarding complaints about three separate areas where stones had been placed on the verge by adjoining householders. Mr Waters was to look into this and it was Cllr Manning’s understanding that if vehicles were to hit the stones and damage was caused to the vehicles as a result of this, the householder would be liable.
​P.2 Speeding traffic in Forge Lane
Whilst little interest had been shown by the Police regarding this matter, it was agreed to contact the new beat Officer for Newent – PC Rob Mortimer requesting that Police checks were made on speeding traffic in Forge lane, particularly in the early morning and late afternoon.
P. 2 Old Noticeboard
Cllr Manning advised that he had not yet put the old noticeboard on Ebay. The Clerk advised that there was a possibility that Newent Town Council may be interested in its purchase for use in its Cemetery. It was agreed to wait until the following meeting to see if any interest in this was forthcoming before advertising it further.
P.3 Resignation of Clerk
Members were advised that the vacancy had been advertised on the Noticeboard, on the Glos Assoc Parish & Town Council’s website and in the Parish magazine with no interest.

2.2​Finance/Sundry Payments
​Cheque paid in the interim – Forest of Dean District Council £143.33 election costs

2.3.1​Grant Thornton – End of year accounts 2014/15
The Clerk advised that the End of Year accounts for 2014/15 had been examined by the External Auditor and a comment “not affecting their opinion” had been made that the Council tax support grant of £63.00 had been incorrectly included in Box 2 of the Annual Return. Box 2 should state £1937 and Box 3 should state £63 in the 2014 column on the 2015 Annual Return.
​Members noted these comments.
2.4.1​Planning applications
​Planning applications considered since last meeting:-

1. P0916/15/FUL The Chalet, Mount Ottawa, Golden Valley, Upleadon
Demolition of the Chalet and replacement dwelling, double garage, parking and turning area and associated works. (Revised scheme)

Comment No Objection

2. P0836/15/LD1 Edenscroft, Gloucester Road, Upleadon
Application under Section 191 to determine the use of land as a residential garden

Comment No Objection

2.4.2 To give further consideration to Council web-site

The Clerk advised that she had made contact with Mr Tim Fretter of the Forest Voluntary Action Forum who had offered to assist the Council with the setting up of a web-site.
Cllr Manning advised that he had recently been in contact with Mr R Stewart who looked after the Village website and he had agreed to post the Council’s agendas minutes etc, as had been done previously.

It was generally agreed that what ever web-site facility the Council utilised to publicise its business, it needed to be updated regularly. Cllr Manning proposed that the Council utilise the Village website in the first instance, which was unanimously agreed.

2.1.1 Lack of broadband coverage in Upleadon

Members were in full agreement that the broadband coverage in the village was extremely poor. Cllr Burford advised that there had been a project funded by the County Council to put fibre optic broadband into a large proportion of the District approx. 3 years ago, however this area was not covered and the broadband continued to be poor. It was agreed to write to Cllr Patrick Molyneaux – Cabinet Member for Business Development at the Forest of Dean District Council advising him of the very poor broadband coverage in the area and that it was holding back economic development, requesting his help in improving this situation.

2.1.2 Highway matters

Cllr Dunn advised that the road leading down to the Church was in poor condition and needed resurfacing.
Cllr Burford advised that there were main roads in the Forest area that were in as poor a condition and that it was very unlikely this road would receive any attention.​
2.1.3 Any Other Business

It was agreed that the next meeting would be on Thurs 10 December 2015

This concluded the business of the meeting and it was declared closed at 8.20 pm.

NB. Minutes are in draft form until approved at the following Council meeting.