Minutes of Upleadon Parish Council held on Thursday 3 March 2016 at Upleadon Village Hall at 7.30 pm.
Present: Cllr M Manning (Chairman), Cllr D Leighton, Cllr Mrs A Woolfrey, Cllr P Dallow, Cllr E Wood, Cllr H Dunn
Also Present: District Cllr P Burford
Apologies: Cllr Mrs A Bassett (Hospital attendance)
The Clerk reminded Members of the “six month rule” and the importance of giving apologies together with a reason for such, if unable to attend a meeting of the Council
4.0​Approval of Minutes of Council meeting – 10 December 2015
Cllr Manning proposed approval of the minutes of the Council meeting of 10 December 2015 which was unanimously agreed.
4.1​Matters arising
P.7 3.1 Members were advised that the Police had undertaken a speed check in Forge Lane Upleadon and nr Picklenash School Newent. In total 12 drivers were advised re excess speed from both sites with one ticket for excessive speed issued in Upleadon. Of note a large proportion of those stopped were residents of either Upleadon or Kilcot/Gorsley area.​
It was unanimously agreed to seek the possibility of flashing speed lights being installed in Forge Lane, making drivers aware of the speed they are travelling. It was understood funding for this may be available via the Police Commissioner grant fund.
P.8 4.14 Dilapidated fencing on edge of highway –beyond Upleadon Church.
The Clerk advised that she had written to the Highways’ representative who had taken photographs of the site and had put them forward to ascertain if funding could be found to improve the fenceline. Whilst no further response had been received, Cllr Dunn reported that highway bollards had recently appeared along the roadside in this area together with roadwork signage.
4.2​Finance/Sundry Payments
Cllr Manning proposed approval of the following payments which was unanimously agreed with the exception of subscription to CPRE which was agreed by 5 votes in favour, 1 abstension.
1. Council for the Protection of Rural England
Subscription – £36.00
2. Clerk’s annual salary – £574.22
3. HMRC – £143.40
4. Upleadon Village Hall Committee – hire of hall x 4 – £40.00
5. Glos Assoc Parish and Town Councils -2016/17
Subscription – £76.79 (payable 1 April 2017)​
4.3.1​Upleadon Village Hall Committee – to give consideration to
​1. contribution to grass cutting and dead tree outside Village Hall
​2. purchase of defibrillator

The Clerk advised that despite emailing Highways on several occasions regarding the tree, apart from an acknowledgement, no response had been made. It was confirmed the Village Hall Committee had planted the tree. Cllr Dallow advised that he would be prepared cut down the dead tree at no cost, in return for the wood. Cllr Manning proposed approval to this which was seconded by Cllr Mrs Woolfrey and unanimously agreed.
The Clerk advised the Village Hall Committee had advised the payment of £140.00 referred to hedge trimming, weeding, strimming and grass cutting of the verge and that the cost was split 50/50 between hedge trimming and verge maintenance.
Cllr Wood proposed a contribution from the Council in the sum of £100.00. This was seconded by Cllr Manning and unanimously agreed.
Members discussed the purchase of a defibrillator and were in full support of doing so. The Clerk advised that the District Council had grant funding available of up to £500 towards the overall purchase cost of £1500. Whilst the Village Hall Committee had offered to house the defibrillator unit on the wall of the Village Hall, Cllr Wood proposed to write to them to enquire if they would contribute £250.00 towards the cost, with the Parish Council paying £750.00, assuming it was successful in obtaining grant funding. In addition the Village Hall Committee to be asked to meet the electricity costs for the unit, which was expected to be minimal. This was seconded by Cllr Dallow and unanimously agreed.

4.3.2​Forest of Dean District Council – “Planning Peer Challenge”
Members were advised of an invitation to send a Member to join a Focus Group at Forest of Dean District Council to consider the Planning Peer Challenge – Wed 9 March 2016. Advise this is a review of the Forest of Dean District Council’s planning service in Mar 2016. The Peer Challenge process helps planning authorities to review what they are trying to achieve and what they are actually achieving, how they are going about it, and the areas to address to gain further improvement. The Peer Challenge will be run by the Local Government Association and the Planning Advisory Service and will help the Council assess how well the Planning Service is focusing on and assisting in the delivery of overall priorities. It will assess how the Authority is managing the consideration of development proposals. It will consider the use of resources to provide a good service to customers and the community, the efficiency and effectiveness of the service and the capacity to deliver the infrastructure to support development. The report produced at the end of the Peer Challenge will be a public document which it is hoped will be presented to the April full Council meeting. The Peer Challenge team will comprise elected Councillors and Senior Planning Officers from other Authorities. As part of their work, they will meet with representatives from external organisations to hear their views of the planning service to help inform their conclusions.
​Members declined to attend on this occasion.

4.4.1​Planning applications
​P0222/16/FUL Mrs E Bristow, Hook Cottage, Hooks Lane, Upleadon
​Two storey extension with internal alterations and associated works

​Comment: No objection

​Notice of Appeal

​Appeal by Mrs M Samuel
​Site: The Chalet, Mount Ottawa, Golden Valley, Upleadon
Development: Demolition of The Chalet and replacement dwelling, double garage, turning area and associated works. (Revised scheme)
Planning Inspectorate ref: APP/P1615/W/15/3139784

Appeal to be conducted by written representation to the Planning Inspectorate– comments to be submitted by 10 March 2016.

Members wished to raise no comment to the Appeal.

4.4.2​Appointment of Internal Auditor

Cllr Manning proposed the appointment of Mr K Berrow of 4 Glebe Place Upleadon as Internal Auditor. This was unanimously agreed.

4.4.3​To give consideration to Grant applications

1. Gloucestershire Chest Fund

Cllr Manning proposed a grant of £50.00 which was unanimously agreed.

2. Gloucestershire Air Ambulance Trust

Cllr Manning proposed a grant of £100.00 which was unanimously agreed.

4.4.4​Revised cost for purchase of Rowan Tree to commemorate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

Members were advised that the supplier of the Rowan Tree had revised his price to £40.00. He had offered an alternative price of £67.20 incl vat to include the tree, straps, growing compost and delivery. Cllr Manning proposed acceptance of the inclusive price which was unanimously agreed.

4.4.5​Highway matters

​Highway matters were raised as follows:-

Signpost at Upleadon Cross hit by reversing lorry – neighbouring property has registration number of vehicle.
Hedge in Tewkesbury Road damaged by vehicles pulling into bank
Water hanging in Tewkesbury Road
Rough road surface, dipping – cracking between Village hall and Glebe Place. Also in Forge Lane in vicinity of property named Alfords

It was agreed to write to Highways Manager – requesting a site visit with Cllr Manning (copy to District Cllr Burford)

4.4.6​Any Other Business

It was confirmed the next Council meeting would be on Thurs 12 May and the Annual Parish meeting Thurs 7 April.

​There were no items of any other business and the meeting was declared closed at 9.00 pm