Minutes of an Extraordinary meeting of Upleadon Parish Council held on Thursday 20 October 2016 at Upleadon Village Hall at 7.30 pm.
Present: Cllr H Dunn (Deputy Chair), Cllr E Wood, Cllr D Leighton, Cllr P Dallow

Apologies were received from Cllr Manning, Cllr Mrs A Bassett (family matters)
District Cllr P Burford
4.1Declarations of Interest
4.2To give consideration to Planning applications
1. P1319/16/FUL Ridgewood, Edens Hill, Upleadon
Single storey extensions to dwelling

Comment No Objection

2. P1416/16/FUL The Glades, Edens Hill, Upleadon
Removal of condition (c) Office use of planning permission DF6589/B

Comment: No Objection

This concluded the business of the meeting and it was declared closed at 7.50 pm