Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of Upleadon Parish Council held on Thursday 12 May 2016 at Upleadon Village Hall at 7.30 pm.
Present: Cllr M Manning (Chairman), Cllr H Dunn, Cllr P Dallow, Cllr D Leighton, Cllr E Wood, Cllr Mrs A Bassett,
Also present: District Cllr P Burford
Apologies: Cllr Mrs A Woolfrey
1.0 Declarations of interest
There were no declarations of interest
1.1 Election of Chairman – 2016/17 Period of Office
Cllr Dunn proposed Cllr Manning, seconded by Cllr Mrs Bassett. Cllr Dallow proposed Cllr Wood, seconded by Cllr Leighton. A vote resulted in an equality of votes. A second vote was taken resulting in the same equality of votes. The Chairman used his casting vote and Cllr M Manning was declared Chairman for the 2016/17 Period of Office.
1.2 Chairman – Declaration of Acceptance of Office
Cllr Manning signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office which was witnessed by the Clerk.

1.3 Election of Deputy Chairman- 2016/17 Period of Office

Cllr Wood proposed Cllr Dunn which was seconded by Cllr Manning. In the absence of any further nominations, Cllr Dunn was elected unopposed.

1.4 Deputy Chairman – Declaration of Acceptance of Office

Cllr Dunn signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office which was witnessed by the Clerk.

1.5 Approval of Minutes – 3 March 2016

Approval of the Minutes of the Council meeting of 3 March 2016 was proposed by Cllr
Manning after the following amendment:-

P.11 4.3.1 contribution to grass cutting

Remove – grass cutting, insert maintenance

1.6 Matters Arising

P. 12 4.4.2 Appointment of Internal Auditor

The Clerk advised that Mr Berrow had advised that whilst he was happy to undertake the internal audit this year, he would not be able to do so in the future.

It was agreed that a letter of thanks would be sent to Mr Berrow for his past services to the Council.

P.12 4.4.4 Rowan Tree to commemorate Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

Cllr Manning advised that the Rowan Tree had now been planted.

P.13 Highway matters

Cllr Manning reported that he had met with the Highways representative as agreed.
It had been suggested the road way leading to the Church would be unlikely to be resurfaced, although Highways had measured the length of the road. The road had been marked where it was subsiding near to the Village hall, and it was agreed to advise the Highways representative that further subsidence was taking place further along Gloucester Road.

1.7 Approval of Minutes – 24 March 2016

Approval of the Minutes of the Council meeting of 24 March 2016 was proposed by Cllr Manning which was unanimously agreed.

1.8 Matters Arising

The Clerk advised that she had written to the District Council regarding the Enforcement Officer’s visit to the Mushroom Farm, but they advised they had no record of his visit, and therefore could not comment.

1.9 Finance/Sundry Payments

Income received since last meeting ​Precept/Support Grant​​£2,000
​​​​​Sale of Noticeboard​​ £250

Payment for consideration

1. Elmcroft Nursery – purchase of Rowan Tree​​​​ £67.20
2. Clerk – expenses (stationery/printer connection)​​​ £52.67
3. Insurance (renewal 1 June 2016)

The Clerk advised that the Council’s current insurer had forwarded their renewal at £355.88
The Clerk had sought an alternative quotation at a cost of £332.12 This Insurer had offered a 5% discount if the Council entered into a three year agreement reducing the cost to £315.22. Members were mindful to accept the three year option, however it was suggested that the Clerk liaise with the Clerk at Corse/Hartpury who it was said had secured a very reasonable insurance premium. In view of the imminent renewal date, it was agreed that the Clerk be given delegated power to accept the most optimum quotation based on the Council’s insurance requirement
1.10 Correspondence

1.10.1 Glos Assoc Parish and Town Councils – invitation to submit a Resolution for AGM
Members declined to submit a Resolution for debate at the forthcoming AGM.

1.11 Business
1.11.1 To give consideration to Planning application

1. P0482/16/FUL Mr & Mrs P Cook, Madams, Edens Hill, Upleadon
Change of use of land to residential curtilage and construction of a single store
Double garage

Cllr Manning proposed No Objection which was unanimously agreed.

Decision on planning appeal – App/P1615/W/15/3139784 The Chalet, Mount Ottawa
Golden Valley, Upleadon
Appeal made by Mrs M Samuel against a refusal to grant planning permission.
Development proposed – replacement dwelling. Appeal: Dismissed
​ Noted

1.11.2 To give approval to End of Year Accounts – 2015/2016

Cllr Manning proposed approval to the End of Year Accounts for the period 2015/16 which was unanimously agreed. Following the Internal Auditor having inspected the accounts and completed Section 4 of the Annual Return, Members addressed and completed Section 2 of the Return, for submission to the External Auditor.
1.11.3 To give further consideration to purchase of defibrillator

Cllr Manning advised that the grant funding from FoDDC had been approved towards the cost of the defibrillator. The Clerk advised that the Village Hall Committee had also confirmed that they would contribute £250 towards the cost also, and that they would cover the electricity costs and offer the use of the Hall for any training of the unit. It was agreed that the Clerk would liaise with the District Council with regard to its purchase and acquisition.

1.11.4 Highway matters

The Clerk advised that she had written to County Highways regarding the damaged sign-post on Upleadon cross together with the name of the contact who had witnessed the impact and who had the registration number of vehicle involved to which an acknowledgement had been received.

Cllr Mrs Bassett referred to the public footpath running between Forge Lane and Gloucester Road which had been compromised by works to an adjacent property. The Clerk advised that the Public Rights of Way Officer had seen the situation and had since identified the property owner and would be following this matter up.

1.11.5 Date of next meeting
It was agreed that the next meeting would be on Thursday 1st September.

1.11.6 Any Other Business
Cllr Manning advised that the Forestry Commission had been contacted with regard to wood having been taken from the woodland to the rear of Edenshill Farm and a visit had been made by a representative from the Forestry Commission to meet with the complainant.

This concluded the business of the meeting and it was declared closed at 8.45 pm.

These minutes are in draft form for approval at the next meeting of the Parish Council.