St Mary the Virgin

The Church, dedicated to St. Mary the Virgin, was greatly restored in 1969 and is probably well over a thousand years in origin. 

Click on this link for a road view of the Church on Google maps.  The entrance to the Church may also be found using What3Words – please visit this link – ///serve.happening.cattle 

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A Message from Rev Kat Mepham

Dear Parishoners,

Apologies that I am emailing you and not speaking in person. I do hope to meet you all in person over the coming weeks. What strange times we live in!

There has been lot of information released over the last few days regarding the opening of churches and I thought it would be good to connect via social media so I can share with you where I am coming from and also gets some feedback on the thoughts from different areas in the benefice. I am sure we are all eager to meet physically in our churches as soon as we can, however we are not looking at a return to the old normality. The advice from our Bishops is to go gently and I think that in order to do things well we would be wise to take our time.

As you may know I did not get the usual break between serving at St Tom’s and my licensing for Leadon Vale. Because of this and my recent illness, the Archdeacon encouraged me to have a break after I started in post – so very unusually and not ideally I am taking my two weeks from the 12th July.

In light of this I would suggest we begin talking about a limited return to our buildings from the 2nd August. I do not think we will be able to facilitate nor should we facilitate a rush to return to the old rota and schedule, as there will be a lot of work involved in preparing our church building and completing risk assessment etc. I realise that this will be a disappointment to some – but I am keen to be safe and to not overload the wonderful people who do so much for our churches already.

It would be really helpful for me if you would provide me with some feedback on these questions:

Would you attend a service at your church if it resumed at the moment or would you rather minimise the risk of infection by staying at home?

Would you be prepared to travel to another church in the benefice in order to attend a service in a church building?

Are there things that you have appreciated in church life that you would like to continue?

It is also important to make you aware that any service in church will be very different at the moment with no singing, no coffee, no sharing of the peace and we are still awaiting guidance around Holy Communion. Also the guidance from the Church of England encourages us to make those over 70 or in a vulnerable category aware of the risk of attending church but does stress that attendance is a matter of personal choice.

I am so sad to be writing this email as it is my hearts desire to meet together and for us to worship together and get to know each other.

You have all done such an incredible work over the last few months in keeping the churches connected and worshipping . Special mention has to go the incredible ministry team who have held the church so well over the last months and years. I do not know them well yet but am already feeling very blessed to have them in this Benefice.

I would so value yours thought and feedback so we can journey the next few months together.
Thanks and Blessings

Rev. Kat Mepham

Re-Opening of Upleadon Church for Private Worship

The PCC are pleased to announce that St Mary the Virgin will be open for private prayer on Sundays until further notice, from approximately 8AM to 8PM.   There will be notices on the churchyard gate and the church door to explain procedures eg. social distancing, sanitising, etc and entrance from the lane will be via the churchyard disabled access gate and not via the gate with steps next to the hand rail, to eliminate unnecessary touching of surfaces. There are signs on the pews that should be placed by the user on the seat once it has been used to signify to other users that they should not use that pew. For Sundays when a service is being held (currently August 16th at 3PM) the church will only be open AFTER the service for personal prayer in order to ensure the church is clean and safe for anyone attending the service.

Church of England Guidance on COVID-19

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement of 23rd March, the Archbishops have written to clergy in support of the measures and again on 27 March, requiring that churches must now close both for private worship and public services. Our church building is therefore now closed for public worship,  private prayer and all other meetings and activities except for vital community services until further notice. 

For more information, and to read the guidance provide by the Church of England, please follow this link:

5 thoughts on “St Mary’s Church”

  • Sheila Gibbons 28th January 2017 at 19:07. It is a beautiful church I never seen a church like this before, the tower looks really good it eye catch me when I when pass it. Loved it all in side the church.My local vicar Jeremy Goulston might visit if that ok.
  • Jane 20th February 2017 at 21:14. Hi. I recently visited your beautiful church. I spotted the head of something in the masonry above the Nave which you can only see if you are in front of the altar. I couldn’t quite make it out. Could you tell me what it is please. Many thanks.
  • Tim Kestin 6th July 2017 at 17:59. I would like to visit this church. What hours is it open ?
    Tim Kestin
    Chalford Hill
    near Stroud
  • Pauline Gibson 21st October 2017 at 20:44. What a wonderful Church. I am sorry we missed seeing it when visiting Gloucestershire earlier this year. I’m only seeing it now thanks to a friend on Facebook.My husband and I enjoy visiting the different Churches when visiting Britain and discovering their history.
  • Melissa Hancock 20th May 2019 at 13:02. We visited this church about two weeks ago now. Trying to find out where my husband’s uncle was buried. His name was Thomas Albert Hancock, date of burial was the 9 October 1929, aged 30 years. Apparently, there is no record as to the exact spot, as we would have liked to place a memorial stone in his memory.Lovely church, so pleased we visited.

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