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Church of England COVID-19 Guidance to Parishoners

For more information, and to read the guidance provide by the Church of England, please follow this link: It was last updated on the 7th May 2020.

Sunday 24th May Service

Dear Parishoners,
Please find linked a PDF printable version of the Sunday service for this Sunday and the prayer topics for the coming week. Please do circulate this as necessary around your friends, neighbours and parishioners. As ever, we would urge everyone who can access the web to use the version in the Leadon vale website as this version has music links. This week the music comes from Pauntley Church and the website version also has an expanded version of Caroline’s thought for the week. Also please note the Zoom Get together scheduled for 11.00am on Sunday. The links are in the Annex to the PDF service sheet and it gives everyone a chance to briefly meet up for an open chat. It worked well last Sunday for those who joined in and most parishes had at least one person joining in. Kindest Regards, David Clowes

Sunday Services

With the current advice form the Church of England (CofE) to cancel all worship in churches, we are faced with Sundays without any worship in our parishes. The CofE are recommending that we use the Simple Morning Prayer service published in the Common Worship Prayer Book for all worship in our own homes. I attach a copy of this and we would obviously use simply the Sunday version. This is in PDF format.

Please also now find linked, copies of a fully revised service for use at home on Sundays and an associated sheet with a short ’Thought for the week’ and various prayers that can be used at home with the service. Do please circulate these as widely as possibly within your parish so that we can maintain our congregations as a worshipping fellowship. Even though we must worship at home, we can still worship together.

Please also note that the services are being published on the Leadon Vale website and may be slightly updated if need be before Sunday.

Do let me know if the service is helpful or can be improved in any way. I am very grateful for those who took the trouble to let me have some feedback and comments on last Sunday’s service which have been taken into account in the revised service

Also please note that we are being encouraged to make use of the service being broadcast on BBC 1 at 11:45am on Sunday morning. The Very Rev Kathy Jones leads a service from Bangor Cathedral. This service was filmed before the closure of all church buildings.

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