Pattern of Worship

Church of England COVID-19 Guidance to Parishoners

For more information, and to read the guidance provide by the Church of England, please follow this link:

Sunday Service

Dear Parishoners,

Dear Churchwarden,

Please find linked a printable version of the service that is being streamed each Sunday during August at 10.30am.

We would encourage everyone who does not wish to attend the weekly communion service at 9.00am on any particular Sunday to join the streamed service at 10.30am. The access is very simple by a single click on the ‘YouTube’ address at the start of the service sheet and that will take you directly to the service. If you can click in a few minutes before the service you will get a message telling you how long it will be before the service starts and then the service will automatically start at 10.30am. The printed version of the service can be used as your service sheet and the hymn words will be shown within the streamed version. If any of your parishioners cannot access the web and need to know the reading for the day please ask me (David Clowes) or Kat for the reference.

Please note that the service will be the same every Sunday during August and the Address for the service will be the same each week.

Once again a big thank you to those of you who print out the service for those of your parishioners without access to the web or e mail.

Blessings David Clowes

Sunday and Wednesday Services in August

(All ‘Said’ Holy Communion)

Sunday 2nd Dymock Church (9:00am)
Wednesday 5th Donnington (10:00am)
Sunday 9th Redmarley Church (9:00am)
Sunday 9th Pauntley (6:00pm)
Wednesday 12th Bromesberrow (10:00am)
Sunday 16th Dymock Church (9:00am)
Sunday 16th Upleadon (3:00pm)
Wednesday 19th Kempley (10:30am)
Sunday 23rd Redmarley Church (9:00am)
Sunday 23rd Preston (3:00pm)
Wednesday 26th Oxenhall (5:00pm)
Sunday 30th Dymock Church (9:00am)

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