The future of Upleadon Church is currently uncertain due to changes within the Benefice.  The following message should have been received by all villagers.

Dear Upleadon Parishioner,

The Upleadon PCC (Parochial Church Council )felt it necessary to write to you all in light of issues raised at a recent Leadon Vale benefice meeting on 1st November 2018 with Canon Tudor Griffiths, representing the Diocese.  We feel the following points will be of interest to all parishioners, church goers or not.

·        There is presently no permanent vicar for the 9 parishes and the suggestion is that there would be more interest if this were reduced to 2 main centres of worship at Dymock and Redmarley, with 5 Festival churches (services only on significant days in the Christian calendar) and the closure of at least 2 churches.

·        The PCC and other parishioners who were present believed that Upleadon along with Preston, will be the 2 churches earmarked for closure.

·        The result of this would be no services of any description and only open for burials in the churchyard.

·        This will also result in issues for the future of Upleadon Village Hall which is actually owned by the church and is leased to the community.

·        The PCC has fulfilled its obligations to the church authorities i.e. paying its share of the cost of employing a vicar ; maintenance and repair of the building; payment of ongoing costs and regular voluntary cleaning, flowers and upkeep of the churchyard.

We fail to understand why the Diocese should wish to consider the closure of a grade 1 listed building (pre 1066 ) which is part of our heritage and the community of Upleadon. Several parishioners feel that we are being singled out and abandoned for reasons yet to be fully explained.

On your behalf we intend to pursue a policy of objecting to any closure proposals and would appreciate any support from the community as a whole.

Thanking you in anticipation

Upleadon PCC (contact