The future of Upleadon Church is currently now more certain and the following message provides more details.

The Firs,
Forge Lane
GL18 1EF

2nd  May 2019

Dear Parishioners,

Around three years ago Tony Lomas and I were talking in the Church and it became clear that unless someone would take the vacant position of Churchwarden on, the Church would have to close.  A Church without a Churchwarden is not allowed to continue, so I took on the ‘job’.  I certainly did not have a clue what the position of Churchwarden entailed, particularly when there was not a Vicar, and the time it involved.  I am however resigning at the Annual Meeting of the Parochial Church Council tomorrow.

Over the past three years, I hope I have managed to move the Church forward.  The roof is now watertight and the plaster back on the walls.  The files giving the history of the church are now all safely at the archives in Gloucester, so if anyone wants any information about the Church all you have to do is go online.

As I previously said, I had not a clue what the job of Churchwarden entailed now, I had previously been Churchwarden at my family church in Lancashire, but did not realize how the job has grown, so with the help of the computer, the Churchwardens’ Handbook and the help of the other Churchwardens in the Benefice, to whom my thanks go for all the information they provided me, I hope I managed to make a slight success of the job.

We now have a congregation of about ten at the services held and surprisingly after it was announced by some members of the PCC that the church was about to close we had 65 people at the Christmas service.  Hopefully if a new Vicar is insitu by the end of the year this might increase again.  So long as the Church remains financially viable then its future is secure.

The Village Hall is owned by the Parochial Church Council and the lease expires in 2024, which is causing considerable difficulty for the Village Hall committee to get any grants to update the hall.  We did yesterday, receive the information needed to renew the lease on the hall.  This, however, is going to cost in the region of £2000 to renew.  I am sure we can manage to do this, so that the Hall remains the hub of the village, but obviously any help to raise the necessary finance to do this would be more than appreciated.  Julia has resigned as Treasurer and we do not know who is going to take over.  If anyone feels that they would like to make a donation towards the cost of the renewal then I am sure that Christine Draper as Secretary would be happy to receive this.

Kind regards,

Church Warden