Pattern of worship

On the first Sunday in each month: 8.30am Holy Communion

On the second Sunday inĀ  each month: 6.00pm Evensong.

On the third Sunday in each month: 9.30am Holy Communion

There is at present no service on the forth Sunday each month

One Response to Pattern of worship

  1. Paul McElwain says:

    Am I sending this message to Parish Church of St. Mary The Virgin, Upleadon? Do you have record of a burial there on Friday, March 15, 1984 (diedMonday, March 11, 1984) of a woman last name Noble (maiden name Marsden) who would have been buried in the same grave as her husband was before her? Please reply by E-mail to Thank you for your time and reply. This burial may have been on that date but in a different cemetary in the area where you are. Did you know or know of the Noble family in that area?

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