Minutes of Village Hall meetings

Upleadon Village Hall Management Committee

Registered Charity No. 1093077


Minutes of Meeting: Monday 14th March 2011 at 6.30 pm

1 Present: Howard Elkins, Sylvia Kingston, Ann Shaw, John Atkinson, Bobbie Osborne, Pam Turner, Sarah Clift and Paul Teasdale

2 Apologies: John Slack

3 Minutes of the last meeting on 10th Jan 2011: These were agreed and signed.

4 Treasurer’s Report Current balances until the end of Feb 2011

Current account £ 1975-46

Business account £ 7075-73

Petty Cash £ 15-00

Total £ 9066-19

Sarah is to investigate accounts to see if we can obtain a better rate of interest on monies.

5 Outstanding Items

There were no outstanding items

6 Events

The talk by Martin Brown on Walking to Everest was excellent and enjoyed by the 16 or so people who attended.

Ways to attract more people to these events were discussed. Paul is to put an offer in the church newsletter of :-

a) an e-mail reminder of forthcoming events for anyone interested

b) a lift for anyone who needs transport.

Future Events

Mar 18th. Dood Pearce on A history of water supply

Pam to supply wine etc for this meeting. Thereafter Sylvia will arrange a crate to be kept stocked in the village hall for future events.

May 20th. Eric Freeman

June 25th Village Fete

The new Vicar, Tony Lomas to be asked to open the fete. Sarah to organise floats for the stalls.

Sep 23rd Ian Cocks on Ecuador

Oct Skittles

Nov Pam & Martin on India

Dec Christmas Supper

7 Hall and Equipment

Notice Board: Pam had received a letter from the Parish Council stating that the Village Hall Committee would be given a key once a cover was in place.

Howard reported that it was possible that a new, larger board would be erected and that we had been asked if the Village Hall Committee would contribute to the cost. This to be discussed again once the costs involved are known.

Piano: Janet Leighton would like us to move the piano. Howard to contact James Golding re this.

Parking. The occupants of School House to be contacted informally by Ann to raise the question of cars parked on Village Hall property. Parking Spaces to be whitelined and Keep Clear areas marked.

Hall Charges. Funerals not to be charged, but a donation requested.

Charges to other groups to increase to £10 except for Over 60’s

8.100 Club

The winners of the first 100 club draw were 1st No.111, 2nd No.90 and 3rd No.67

9.Any other business

The electric meter had been changed to reflect the increase in electricity prices.

8 Date and time of next meeting: Wednesday 25th May at 6.30 pm

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