Pattern of Worship

Church of England COVID-19 Guidance to Parishoners

For more information, and to read the guidance provide by the Church of England, please follow this link:

This Sunday :

10.30am Join us for Live Worship via YouTube 

Sunday Service:

We have lots of other ideas of how to fill up the spare minutes and I will send more info as these ideas before concrete! 

Such as : 

Vestry hour –  chance to chat with a priest about life the universe and everything 

Coffee hour – come and join Kat for a coffee over Zoom – no agenda just to say hello

Quiz – how much do you know? 

Morning Prayer – join via Zoom or via YouTube for daily Morning prayer 

Pastoral calls – Would you or someone you know appreciate a chat? Let me know and I can organise for a friendly someone to give you or them a ring.

TeaTime church – a chance for our younger ones to meet over Zoom

When I asked my Eliza (9) what I should say about lock down she said – its bad. I know it can feel like that sometime but we are all in this together and this church family is very good a looking after each other. Let’s keep praying and supporting one another !

Bless you all ,


Revd. Kat Mepham

Priest-in-Charge, Leadon Vale Benefice

t: 01531 557484

m: 07512 222635


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